Pure. Safe. Sparkling fresh.

Your RO is a unique product equipped with Reverse Osmosis technology and a five-stage purification system. The result of years of meticulous research, it revives the refreshing taste of water besides ensuring that it is absolutely safe. Specially designed for areas with hard water. The RO maakes water both chemically and microbiologically potable by reducing hardness. Total dissolved Solids and heavy metal contaminants like Arsenic, Lead and Mercury, while eliminating water borne pthogenic micro organisms.

The RO Advantage

Ro is a unique blend of form & function. The result of years of research, it is specially designed to Ro the taste of water lost due to a high concentration of Total dissolved solids (TDS), hardness, heavy metal contaminants like arsenic, lead and mercury.

The purification process used by most water purifiers do not remove these impurities. Thus, the water they provide may be microbiology safe but may not be chemecally potable depending on input water quality.
Specification - Price: 12590/-
Reservoir tank capacity
Production capacity
Purifying Technology
Filter Catridges
Power rating
% Reduction in TDS
8 litre
10-15 litre / hr
Thin Film Composite
Reverse Osmosis
Pre-Filter, Sedement Filter, Pre-RO Carbon, RO Membrane, Post RO Carbon
300mm x 260mm x 415mm (WxDxH)
11.5 Kgs (approx.)
25 watts
90 % (approx.)
Eg.If input water contains 1000 TDS, the output water delivered will contain 100 TDS
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I.S.O 9001-2008 Co.
UKAS Quality Management
UKAS Environment Management
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