E-NOVA, A Hi-Tech water purification system with e-boiling + which ensures that every drop is as pure, as safe as water boiled for 25 minutes, plus more. It also comes with Micro Controller Scan System or a mini brain that constantly monitors the electronics and automatically detects when it needs attention. Not surprisingly then, Indians trust only E-NOVA.


E-NOVA uses e-boiling (electronic boiling )as part of a highly evolved 3-stage purification process where focused ultraviolet rays e-boil the water to destroy all known disease causing bacteria and viruses giving you all the benefits of boiled water, plus much more. To make every drop of water as pure, as safe, as water boiled for 25 minutes.
Specification - Price: 6500/-
Net Weight
UV Lamp
Input Power
Rated Voltage
Voltage Range
Operating Input Water
Water Flow rate
39mm X 300mm X 225mm (WxDxH)
6 Kgs.
8 Watts
25 Watts
230V, 50 Hz
160-260 V AC
0.4 Kg/Sq. mm - 2.0 Kg/cm
2 Lit/min. ( Maximum )
250 mA ( Slow-Blow )
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UKAS Quality Management
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