Eurotek Systems
The best R.O system and Water Purifiers manufacturers in india bringing revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to India,are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of R.O systems. With an experience of more than two decade we are able to provide value added and cost effective products and thus set our parameter of success.
We are known for the on time delivery and after sales support. This has made us a front-runner in the home appliance industry...
Befits of Water Purifier
• President Obama’s Cancer Panel
The president’s panel recommended water filters for homes to reduce the risk of cancer-causing chemicals. The Panel concluded that "individuals...
• Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)
Beside scaly and itchy skin, some drinking water contain the cancer-causing disinfection byproducts. Excessive chlorine residual...
Seven Stage Purification
Stage 1 - Sediment Filter
Physical Impurities such as suspended solids, sand silt, dust and rust are removed by 5 micron PP filter.
Stage 2 - Pre-Carbon Filter
Colour Odor, chlorine and organic impurities are removed by adsorption on highly activated granular carbon.
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